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The Old Caledonia Artificer Apprentices’ Association

80th Birthday Celebrations

The Retreat was beaten, the Clubs swung and everyone agreed it was a great, if cool, evening when the boyarts and other guests went back to Cale on 27 June 2019 to celebrate 80 years since the college of knowledge first opened on the hill overlooking Rosyth dockyard. The Royal Marine Band and Cadets manned the parade and gave great account of the history of our fine, once, alma mater. They turned out in their finery, medals and badges aplenty and enjoyed relating tales of yore, when boyarts ruled the patch. What a fine bunch of men, crafted by this auld Fife establishment for the Royal Navy. Born anywhere you like, but “Made in Caledonia”. Age was no barrier and all were as proud as the day they passed out! Photo credits Andrew O’Brien 731 Entry

Secure Area of Web Site


As of Tuesday 11th June 2019, the secure area of the web site has been re-instated and can now be found by accessing “The Tiff’s Mess” and linking from there through to the Newsletter and Movies pages. Further pages will be added in the coming weeks/months. The access credentials required to see the secure content have changed. Bona fide members of OCAAA who are on email will receive details from the Secretary shortly. All other enquiries will be tested against the membership database before credentials are provided. For those yet to slip their £25 the way of the Secretary, an application form can be found at the bottom of the “About Us” page, which is publicly accessible.

New OCAAA Banner Unveiled

Ahead of 2019 AGM

After much deliberation, accompanied by the consumption of copious quantities of tea and buns, the OCAAA Committee finalised the design and procurement of a new promotional banner to be deployed at OCAAA events. The banner (shown below) is based on the Newsletter header and pertinent basic info about our association. Don’t forget your selfies with the banner at the AGM and Reunion next month!

OCAAA Newsletter Articles

If you have a tale to tell, or a particular memory to share, then don’t hesitate to put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen) and record the detail. Good quality, high- resolution images always help to bring the story out, so don’t forget to dig in your ditty box for some visual enhancements! Then send it to Mike Ketley, by email, using the link on the Contacts page. All welcome, the more the merrier.